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Dental Anxiety Relieved by Country Music

One of the reasons people avoid dentists and being labelled as a dental patient is dental anxiety, which can stem from a terrible experience in the past or a dread of the uncertain future. Dental anxiety appears to be common, but the good news is that it is treatable.  Some of the techniques that will help you cope with and overcome dental anxiety are as follows: Acknowledge your dental fear and tell your dentist right away. Your dentist should first and foremost be aware of your anxiety so that they can effectively manage it and provide appropriate treatment when...

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Guitarists Who Are Also Electricians: Setting Up Cool Rigs

I think that many people would be surprised at the high percentage of guitarists who are also electricians. Who would have thought? I suppose in this era of everything being electrical it is a no brainer to be handy with wires and current, when practising the electric guitar. Plus, these individuals are, of course, good with their hands. It is no disadvantage for a guitarist to be adept with his or her digits. Music is essentially all about vibrations and the harmonics these aural disturbances form. We, as Homo sapiens, find these sounds to be melodious and pleasant to listen to. Coiling Around Like High Voltage Rock N Roll Indeed, more than that, music is moving to our souls. This is the outcome, but what of the input? Guitarists who are also electricians: Setting up cool rigs to bring the house down – metaphorically speaking, of course. I recently observed a steel-string guitar on the sofa at Kenny the electrician’s Arncliffe pad and was suitably impressed. I sensed the blues in the room and immediately understood this sparkie on a whole new level. It coiled around me like high voltage rock n roll. It surged through me as if super conducted by a higher power. It was, quite simply, a mass charge in the positive spectrum of my electromagnetic field. Wow! Making the Blues Sing to the Soul Making...

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The Great Debate: Healthcare In The Countryside

It is one of the great ironies that people who shift from the city to the country to enjoy the quiet and space of fewer people, end up complaining about the lack of services. Lots of services follow large communities around, it is the way the world works. Healthcare is, probably, the hottest button at the moment, for country folk to voice their concerns about. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. All that country living is supposed to keep you healthy: fresh air, good produce, and all those friendly animals. Why do they need doctors as well? Just joking folks, but you cannot expect to have the range of healthcare services as the millions of people who live in the cities. The Great Debate: Healthcare In The Countryside Medicine may be socialised to some extent in Australia with Medicare, but doctors, and dentists, especially, in private practice are running businesses. Supply follows demand; its economics 101 folks. You cannot force doctors and dentists to live and work in small country towns. Their businesses have high overheads and they need substantial revenue streams to make them at all sustainable. Health care extras are predicated on the necessary populations driving private enterprise medicine. Dental care is, even more, dependent upon large enough communities to justify the existence of a dental clinic. Socialise HealthCare Country people, unfortunately, just have...

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