I think that many people would be surprised at the high percentage of guitarists who are also electricians. Who would have thought? I suppose in this era of everything being electrical it is a no brainer to be handy with wires and current, when practising the electric guitar. Plus, these individuals are, of course, good with their hands. It is no disadvantage for a guitarist to be adept with his or her digits. Music is essentially all about vibrations and the harmonics these aural disturbances form. We, as Homo sapiens, find these sounds to be melodious and pleasant to listen to.

Coiling Around Like High Voltage Rock N Roll

Indeed, more than that, music is moving to our souls. This is the outcome, but what of the input? Guitarists who are also electricians: Setting up cool rigs to bring the house down – metaphorically speaking, of course. I recently observed a steel-string guitar on the sofa at Kenny the electrician’s Arncliffe pad and was suitably impressed. I sensed the blues in the room and immediately understood this sparkie on a whole new level. It coiled around me like high voltage rock n roll. It surged through me as if super conducted by a higher power. It was, quite simply, a mass charge in the positive spectrum of my electromagnetic field. Wow!

Making the Blues Sing to the Soul

Making the blues sing via a steel stringed guitar is a soulful contribution to the human experience. Guitarists who are also electricians: Setting up cool rigs for us mere mortals to listen to, can blow away many of the more mundane cobwebs of our hum drum existences. Kenny played the blues and Ziggy played guitar.  Do not forget, however, the importance of musical and digital content marketing in the 21C. You may make the music but who will hear it without the messenger medium?

It is a fact of life in the modern world. For instance, those showing off their hand-made electric guitar on social media. These individuals are a part of a much larger phenomenon in the high-tech realm in which we now reside. Kenny played the blues with a magic spark running through him like current. This Arncliffe dude duked it out with his axe to the acclaim of those who were lucky enough to hear him. Getting it on social media helped Kenny reach the masses with some high voltage rock n roll. Electricians who also play guitar can roam where some less handy individuals fear to tread. Don’t fret baby because Kenny is only a phone call away. It’s a fingerpicking shame if you miss the F-hole on this dreadnought. Some say a bridge too far away, but I am bracing myself to bend my body to the cutaway chord.