It is a familiar story, Bob and Sue sea change to their new regional dream location, they then think about opening a business to sustain their new lifestyle. They open up a new outlet to service the locals and the seasonal visitors who come to town. Soon, they are underwhelmed by the lack of local support for their brilliant new business. It may be a patisserie or something equally fancy that city folk love and cannot get in the country. There are sound economic reasons why these businesses do not already exist in seachange towns. A lack of demand for sophisticated businesses like these in country towns, means they will struggle nine out of ten times.

Starting A New Small Business In The Countryside

Of course, there are, also, plenty of solid new small businesses begun in regional towns, which eventually struggle and run out of oxygen, because downturns in country areas are, always, more severe. If a major primary industry employer goes to the wall, like a mine, farm, fishery or forestry business, then it threatens the whole region economically. Abattoirs and meat packing concerns can similarly affect small towns. The best regionally based small businesses are ones that do not rely on the local market, but are servicing much larger economic communities via the internet and mail order.

Do Your Due Diligence!

These kinds of businesses will require IT support, and that kind of computer service business can, also, work in larger regional zones. Looking for an available business opportunity is best approached with patience and far reaching eyes. Don’t jump into the first thing that comes up on the horizon, take your time and have a good look around. Do your due diligence. Check out the balance sheets, with a sceptical eye for things that are too good to be true.

Social Media is Essential

Getting into a new small business in the countryside is a lot easier than getting out of one, when things start to go belly up. Keeping your customers happy can be challenging in rurally located businesses, which service city folk. Keeping up good communication channels through platforms like social media is essential. Maintaining a sense of community is vital for internet based/mail order type businesses. If you want to live in your slice of ‘out of the way paradise’, be prepared to keep your digital presence very available to your network of clients and infrastructure staff. You can make a success of this business model by following a few of these strategic tips.