I will have to admit to a current bias, right at the outset of this article. I live in the country and have for the last 15 years; but not in the same part of the country. I have lived in the Blue Mountains, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, and, now, on the coast and riverside by the Murray on the Fleurieu Peninsula.  In some ways, this affords me a broad taste of Australian country living, but old timers would probably say, I haven’t yet scratched the surface. Prior to this decade and a half, I lived the same number of years in Sydney, with a couple of stints in Perth and Adelaide. So, my city living is, at least comparable.

Which Is Healthier? City or Country Living?

So, which is healthier? The definition of health itself has changed quite a bit during the past three decades. Health has become a much broader church, encompassing new gospels like wellbeing. It has become more inclusive for things like mental health, as well as heart and body. Our main coastal cities are populous in relation to the nation’s overall population. Sydney and Melbourne are big cities, teeming with people, traffic and urban sprawls. Cities are all about people, lots of diverse communities jammed together under one umbrella. Too many people is, perhaps, not healthy, but, some say, too few people aint good for you either.

Eating Out vs Eating In

Cities are good for eating out, with all those diverse multicultural communities producing an exciting bunch of restaurants and cafes. Country towns, on the other hand, generally, have a paucity of good value dining out options. Eating in, is the way to go here, because many regional areas boast excellent produce for the home cook to take advantage of. In the country, we eat well at home and with friends. We may not be quite so social, as those folks in the city, but we know how to have a good time, when we put on our Sunday best.

Quality vs Quantity of Healthcare

The quality of healthcare is superficially better in the city, with a greater range of available services and better hospitals and clinics. The intimate healthcare, however, may be more profound in the country, once you find yourself a good doctor or healer. Healing is better served by those who can take the time to really be there for you. Busy bees in the city, just, keep on rushing by. Specialty medicine and modalities are more prolific in the big city; and some country folk move on this basis alone, because they are forced to for family reasons.

A Solitary Nature

Solitariness is more commonly found in the country. Aloneness is not loneliness. Some space around you can be a healthy thing. I suppose, you find more folks who are comfortable with their own company in the country; but there are plenty of lonely people in the city. Don’t get me started on fresh air!